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The Kangaroo room caters for children aged 3 years to 6 years old. The maximum numberof children on a day to day basis is 25 and the educator to child ratio is 1 educator to 10 children. The staff comprise of a Bachelor qualified team leader who is also our Early Childhood Teacher. As well as 1 to 2 other permanent staff members.


On Wednesdays and Thursdays and for a half day every second Friday during school term the Possums and Kangaroos are combined in the Possum room. This is due to the Strathalbyn Outreach Kindergarten offering a 4 year old Kindergarten program in the Kangaroo room. During this time a maximum of 30 children can attend. On these days the two groups engage in joint experiences and activities, but engage in separate group and meal times.


In the Kangaroo room the educators support the children to develop a positive self-concept, increase their self-help skills and independence, develop social skills, empathy, cooperation and respect for others. The children lead the program as we believe every child's voice is important and should be valued and heard. We include the children in a lot of group discussions were they learn problem solving and negotiation skills. In the Kangaroo room we believe that children are capable and competent risk takers. We involve the children when completing our risk assessments, discussing ideas that impact the room/Centre and each other. In the Kangaroo room we explore a lot of natural materials as well as spending a lot of our time in our outdoor environment. Most of our learning experiences are child-led and we greatly focus on the process not the product. We also focus on helping children to become ‘school ready' by offering experiences that develop early literacy, science, technology and numeracy skills.

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