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Early Childhood Specialists

The Gumnut room caters for children aged 6 weeks to 2 years old. The maximum number of children on a day to day basis is 15 and the educator to child ratio is 1 educator to 4 children. The staff comprise of a diploma qualified team leader who is also the Centre's educational leader. As well as 2 to 3 other permanent staff members.

We hope to ensure that your child feels safe, secure and supported through creating a warm nurturing and caring home like environment. Where children start to develop a sense of belonging by building secure attachments with the educators whom will care for your child. We will engage your child through the natural environment by providing indoor and outdoor learning experiences to promote confident, curious and involved learner. We try and make sure each child's routine doesn't differ too much from the child's home environment. The educators spend lots of one on one time with your child, forming bonds, responding sensitively to their cues and signals, meeting individual needs and routines and building trusting and caring relationships.

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6:30 am to 6:00 pm

Monday to Friday




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